Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Preference

When it comes to microgreens and sprouts and shoots...

my very favorite is PEA SHOOTS!

They are so yummy and sweet and my favorite way to eat them is to just pinch them off and stuff them in my mouth.  Of course, they are great in salads and on haystacks and in green drinks, too, but I do notice that their mildness gets lost in super flavorful salads such as Asian salad.

The nice thing is they are one of the least expensive seed.

we've come to the end of our first tray...
and our plan is to recycle the soil with our worm farm.
First I stuck the tray of roots and soil in the freezer for a couple of hours to kind of make thing wilt and soften up a little. Next it will be dumped in the worm bin with the rest of my soil and sprouting waste.

Just a pic of the basil... just because.


  1. Yum!!!!! You are inspiring with this garden. I've never done one, but yours is amazing!

  2. I'd love a post about your worm farm. It looks like you are using Rubbermaid instead of a (fancy, expensive) commercial product. Sounds good to me!