Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Presenting: Learning to Intensive Garden for Market ~~ Reality Blogging

We have been gardening for awhile. Mostly our garden has been for our own needs and we found that we often produced an abundance more than we could use. In the last couple years or more we got the idea that we might actually be able to earn a little money off our garden if we bent our efforts to that end. Last year we started to make it happen. Our biggest investment has been our greenhouse.

We built a REAL greenhouse.

We ordered a custom made kit from a place in Aurora, Oregon. It's only 40'x16'. When it was ordered we were so excited that it was so HUGE as compared to our little handmade 12'x20', but we have since discovered how small that really is! However, we are farming a teeny-tiny plot of land and those limitations are real. We, in fact, took down part of the barn in order to build this. Previous, when we built our mini greenhouse we took a part of that same barn down. All that is left is the old tack room and that's coming down now because it is too close to the greenhouse and caused us problems during the snowy season. We are converting half the chicken barn to a storage shed to accommodate our tools.

We are an average family. Sort of.  I am a stay-at-home mom. We have grown up girls - some living at home,  and younger kids, and Steve works 4 or 5  12 hour shifts at the hospital each week. I plant. I harvest. One of the girls, Brianna, does a lot of the digging and envisioning. We are totally dependent on Steve for his one or two days off work to provide our man-power.

I invite you to follow our journey to make this 1/20th of an acre micro-marketgarden happen! We are learning to Grow Better not Bigger.  Welcome to our mini world.