Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Day of 2014!

It's time to update the garden journal.  It's time to get serious about ordering seeds, too..

There's a few inches of snow out there, but every season moves towards the next so I must be prepared.

Here are some notes from last year's seed choices;

1. Tomato Chef's Choice  - was a hit orange tomato!
2. Need to grow more Park's Whoppers. They were big sellers as plants.
3. Remember that celebrity is a determinate...
4. I need to take more thought on Determinate/ Indeterminates. Determinates are less work, but Indeterminates have a greater overall yield and better flavor. More harvest control with Determinates. Lots to think about, like Determinate paste might be a good idea... and greenhouse determinates for early crop.
5. The Purple Russians were REALLY BAD NEWS.  They split and rot before they are ever ripe. BUT i have learned that they worked in cooler climates.
6. People bought Golden Fresh Salsa plants like crazy. They were pretty and firm and dry. No flavor.
7. Sunsugars are amazing!
8. Sweet aperitif were too small
9. The Artisan Series was FABULOUS!  YES! YES!
10. People wanted Early Girl.
11. Just learned about dry farming tomatoes... New thought.

A great article from Andrew Mefferd from Johnny's Select Seed to read is located here: