Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Half House

Or temporary cold frame set up and completely seeded. The girls and I set this all up and worked the soil by hand. We knew if we had to wait for the man of the house, we might have to wait until next year as he is way behind on all the projects around here.

Planted in this 21 X 5 foot bed are several baby salad and mixed greens.
Included are:
Corn salad
Elegance Greens Mix
Braising Mix
Premium Greens Mix
Ovation Greens Mix

The soil in this area near the bank is poor. I used a few bags of peat, manure, and composted soil to amend it. It was so poor that it was like chopping through concrete and few weeds grew there, but near the far end Brianna had made a bed for her plants last year and had layered grass, leaves, straw, manure, and whatever else she could get her hands on and that part was soft and dark and FULL of weed roots that had to be picked out one by one. We had to water this patch a few times today because dry peat moss takes awhile to soak up all the water it can hold. The red strip is a salvaged piece of carpet from our newly renovated church. Makes a great weed barrier.

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