Monday, April 11, 2011

The Kids are Eating the Compost!

And it's almost temping...

Ran down to Cr*nch Pak with the trailer a couple times and brought home the apple waste. They are happy to load your trailer and loan you the bins. The best part is I don't have to back up anywhere with the trailer. I pull in from the side and when I'm loaded I carry on around the loop. Cr*nch Pak is an interesting company that slices and cores apples for people who don't have teeth and haven't figured out how to use a paring knife...Well, something like that. I like my apples just the way they come off the tree - not already cut for me two week previous and sprayed with a preservative. Anyway, I'm happy they'll give us the cores.

Say, what is that little boy doing?

Hey bud!! I know that apple cider is awesome stuff, but do you realize this is the same trailer we carted the horse manure in last week?????

YUK! Picking apples to eat out of the bin is one thing, drinking the apple run off is quite another!

First thing we did this morning was mow grass.

We spread it over the garden,

then we spread apple over the clippings,

tomorrow we will till it in.
Hopefully, before we attract too many deer.


  1. Very cool! How deep will you till it in? I am enjoying both of your blogs very much!

  2. wow this is so cool! i just found your blog while searching for other bloggers with similar interests. I can't wait to go read more of your entries!