Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Many Hands Make Light Work

* Made more headway breaking up the soil on the new patch with Natalie and Ellie's help.
* Picked up a load of ROTTEN Moldy hay for mulch from Sines.
* Julia managed to get rotten hay slime all over her outfit but she stills smiles just as beautifully as always.
* The Pastor's trailer is getting a real workout!
* We actually see progress happening on the greenhouse!  YEAH!!!!
* Not pictured is Shiana helping in the kitchen to stir up some supper.
* That totals 8 girls busily working on the homestead.


  1. WOOT! It is coming along nicely!! Many hands do make the work light!

  2. :) Very nice. I e-mailed you this morning, but I was just notified that it did not go through. So you can try e-mailing me via my google profile and then I can e-mail you again if you'd like. :-)