Friday, May 20, 2011

Garden Update

Seeds are sprouting in the lower garden, but the cucumber plants are damping off. Lost 3 so far and 1 big beautiful cucumber plant in the greenhouse.  Watering is quite a job until Steve gets the drip lines in place. 

Market garden has about 100 tomato plants, 24 sweet peppers and 20 eggplants, so far.
This would be an old picture already. . .

We removed the plastic from the cold frame as it was getting too hot for salad greens. I have since planted cherry tomatoes along the outside edge and hope they grow to shade this spot a little.

The color of the valley changed overnight from white blossoms to green leaves.

The greenhouse doesn't look quite as crowded minus 150 plants, but it definitely has no wasted space.

My microgreens are not doing as well. My house is too hot and that causes damping off and molds. If I put them on the porch there is too much sun, even though they are getting afternoon shade. I only have South facing windows to work with and so I am finding it a lot harder to grow the microgreens consistently. Out on the porch they get rained on pretty hard sometimes and flattened, and while they spring up again, they never quite look the same. We have about 4 trays of microgreens almost ready to eat, but since we are eating salad out of the garden, I may put the microgreen trays away until cooler weather again. The peas shoots are doing fine, though.

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  1. Your garden looks wonderful...makes me think I might could do something. Yummy!