Sunday, May 29, 2011

Comparing the CUKES

We'll there's just no comparing. I've planted the ones outside three times now and I have a whole four plants to show for it.  The cucumbers in the greenhouse.... That's a different story.

The last cucumbers that died outdoors died because they were trampled by these guys....

I'm not actually too concerned about the deer.
They don't hang around the gardens much.
I have sow bugs and earwigs to contend with that are a big concern.... claiming the promises while I hand pick the bugs and spray them with soapy water. I'm open to tricks of the trade as long as they are healthy...

Steve asked if this was my insecticide. You betcha! It's the best...

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  1. My step-mom makes a garlic "tea" that she pours around her garden to keep the deer away. She says it works really well. She said she'll give me her recipe --- and I'll share with you if you'd like.

    Do you have snails?