Friday, March 11, 2011


In the light of the horrific, catastrophic events in Japan and other places today, to focus on the simple blessings of planting seeds and watching the garden grow seem out of place. People are suffering and dying or grieving and I'm planting seeds? The earth is waxing old. Time is short. The prophecies of the Bible are being fulfilled and Jesus will soon be here. Can you imagine having a garden in heaven?

planting tomatoes
Cleo kitty finding refuge from the rain in the wrappings of the seed trays.
Winterbore kale half grown that we found in town...
They should be able to handle the cold.

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  1. oh my goodness i just have to comment on this because this morning i was praying about wanting my own garden one day, and it led me to think about what my garden would be like in heaven!!! and just now i read what you wrote about 'could you imagine having a garden in heaven..." it will be so amazing!