Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cool Nights

 This cool week has been cooler than I like for my tomatoes at night
even in the greenhouse.
The frost fans have been blowing all night every night for the last three nights.
Tonight is suppose to be the coldest,
so, we've been transporting the plants up to the house in the evening
and taking them back out in the morning.

 The outdoor rows are doing well!
 Salads at our house these days 
are delightful!

Our market garden patch is all prepared and waiting. . .


  1. When did you plant the outdoor greens and what was the temp.
    Do you mostly do heirloom seeds or modified seeds?

    1. Let's see. I planted in March, I think.Freezing at night and 40 -45 in the day was the temps, I think. I just use regular seeds. I know there a big hype about modified seeds, but I'm using seed that is neither qualified by "modified" or "heirloom", though some could very well be heirloom. Some of them are even organic. I buy from Johhny's select seeds.

      When it comes to tomatoes, I do plant some hybrids. I found that "heirlooms" are harder to sell, because they are wrinkled, have hard stems, are not always smooth and uniform. I found I had a ton of loss using "heirloom" seeds. Hybrids are often despised because people believe that you can't grow tomatoes from their seeds. Actually, if you were to try to grow the bred seeds they would grow and they would actually revert back to the "heirloom" state.