Sunday, March 3, 2013

Trouble in the Barnyard!

The Trouble Maker... or, at least, He's one of them... 

First off, no one wants our rooster.
I put him on freecycle and there are no bites!
Yesterday we cornered him and put him in a separate pen but that doesn't solve much since he's trapped in the room where the feed is stored. 
James won't be feeding chickens with him around.
I can guarantee you!

Second, we managed to identify the egg eater.
Yes, we have an egg eater. 
She stands over the other hens waiting for them the lay and eats the whole egg so fast there's no sign there ever was an egg. 
I watched her for awhile then locked her out of the barn.
Later came back to find eggs in the nest boxes, but it was late afternoon
so after collecting the eggs we opened the barn door and she went straight back in and I found her once again standing over a hen eating the just laid egg. 
Now she is locked away.

We're on a roll....

There's good news in the barnyard, too.
My BEES survived the winter!!!
Isn't it amazing how it was winter 
and the next day it was spring?

The robins are back.
The bird songs in the morning are incredible.
Everything is springing to life.

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