Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Garden

What it looks like outside today:

February is turning out to be an excellent month 
for growing salads in the cold greenhouse.

There's more light
warmer days to promote growth.

We have a good dump of snow, but it's about 24 degree F,
so we are good.

I'm in awe of the beauty seen in these varied leaves and I couldn't stop taking pictures!

What it looks like inside the greenhouse:

Radishes growing like snowmen....
Frost patterns on the greenhouse plastic
Onion seedlings

What it looks like In the HOUSE! Micro-greens.

Leggy looking lettuce

 Pea Shoots at the second stage

 The garden mascot wasn't into braving the elements today.
He was feeling mean, anyway.

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  1. How different your garden looks from the last time I was here! I wish I had a greenhouse, but sadly our garden is on too much of a slope. I'm having to make do with windowsill growing!

    I can edit your links, so everything looks fine now :)