Friday, September 23, 2011

{Sun} Dried Tomatoes

We love sun dried tomatoes.
Our tomatoes are not SUN dried, of course,
but, neither are the ones in the store.
That's just what they are called.
Fresh picked basil
Cloves of garlic and olive oil -
a great use for the over-abundance of cherry tomatoes found in the garden
a tray ready for the food dryer
The perfect job for little hands.

**PS. Because botulism is a remote possibility I freeze my jars after they have marinated for a little while.
I know that will thicken the oil, but the oil in my jar of Costco sun dried tomatoes is thick after I put it in the refrigerator too, so better safe than sorry.  It takes less oil than I thought it would to pack a jar of tomatoes and herbs and we'll use that herb infused oil to drizzle on our salads later.


  1. Yum! The jars look gorgeous! Can you share your recipe?

  2. Sure.... easy. Dry your tomatoes (not crunchy or hard, but nice and soft), layer them in the jar with basil, garlic cloves sliced, with or without other herbs, pack in olive oil. That's it.

    Google sun dried tomatoes. There's lots of ideas out there.

  3. What method do you use to seal the jars?

  4. What method do you use to seal the jars?