Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Market Crop

Is looking good!

Now that we are actually having some heat
we should be able to ripen some of the tomatoes fairly soon.

James is in charge of keeping this patch weed free. 
It's not a difficult task as everything is well mulched.
But he does have to crawl around on his knees and look for the sneaky sort.

I spend a lot of time tying up the branches and pruning.
I'm choosy about the pruning. I want the plants 
lush and full,
but I also want lots of tomatoes,
so this is a job I keep for myself.

We are getting better and better at succession planting.
The thick greens in the bottom right corner of the picture
is a second planting of Chinese greens.
We are now onto third plantings....


  1. I always kick myself that we didn't garden more while in California. We could have gardened all year long there, with lots of succession planting. Here, we get one shot, that's it. We're enjoying our 2nd sunny day, with warmth included. My tomatoes are struggling, tiny, and not too happy yet. I keep hoping we still have enough time to actually get some fruit, even some green fruit!!

    Love your photos, and the tomatoes look very happy!!

  2. Your crops are looking beautiful! I am starting to think we might have to come to you for tomatoes. :P We had 24 degrees a few nights ago. :|